Payment of Fees
Gould Swim Academy’s fee structure is calculated on a ‘cost per lesson’ for a school term.  We prefer fees to be paid in full at the beginning of each term.  However we do also provide the option of periodical payments upon negotiation with Administration Staff. Gould Swim Academy believes that this payment structure is simple and fair for all to use.  Non-payment of fees will result in forfeiture of your child’s enrolment.

Joining Fee Policy
1.    The Joining fee is $34.00.
2.    The Joining fee is a once only fee paid at time of enrolment.
3.    The Joining fee is paid for EACH child in the family that commences classes.
4.    The Joining fee does not attract the discounted rate for 3 or more children.
5.    The Joining fee is NON REFUNDABLE on cancellation of classes.

Family Discount:
Gould Swim Academy offers a discount for 3rd child equivalent to one lesson and a discount for 4th child equivalent to two lessons.

We have several payment methods available for Learn to Swim Lessons.  We accept cheques, cash Eftpos and direct deposit.

‘Over the Counter’ Payments:
1.    The Joining fee is required to be paid as above.
2.    The payment of your full term fees must be paid within the first two weeks of the term; or periodical fees must be negotiated within the first two weeks of term.
3.    Late payment of your fees is not acceptable and you shall risk losing your place in classes.
4.    If you miss classes without notifying Administration staff of your absences then your position in your classes shall be held for only two lessons. At this time your ‘Joining fee’ will be deemed exhausted and your position will be cancelled.
5.    In the event that ‘Point 4’ occurs then you will be required to pay an additional Joining fee per child.

No Refund Policy:
Upon payment of your fees Gould Swim Academy has a NO REFUND policy.
Management will demonstrate discretion in extenuating circumstances.

Lesson Schedule:
We offer lessons in the mornings from 8.30am to 12 noon Monday through to Saturday and in the afternoons from 3:30pm to 7:00pm Monday to Friday.
Our lessons have a maximum of five (5) students per class except our Squad level “Sharks” that has a maximum of eight (8) students.  We do allow one extra child in a class to do a ‘Make-Up’ lesson.

Group Lesson Fees
Lessons per WeekAverage Cost per Lesson

1 per week$17.00
2 per week$16.00
3 per week$15.00