How to Join
You will be required to complete an Enrolment Form and pay the Joining Fee. The Administration staff shall assist you in finding days and lesson times that suit you. Your child shall be in a class with children of similar age and ability. Babies, toddlers and beginner swimmers will not be assessed.  Children shall be placed in a class level based on the enrolment information provided and then the first lesson shall be an assessment to determine they are in the appropriate level in our program.

Class Bookings
At the start of your swimming program, you will choose a day/s and time/s for your lessons. We follow the NSW School Terms and your booking is automatically carried over from term to term.  This is a permanent booking until you notify Administration of a change, either to change lessons or cease lessons.

Arriving at Lessons
Parents must ensure that they ‘CHECK IN’ with our Administration staff prior to every lesson.  This will assist Gould Swim Academy to maintain accurate attendance records and to ensure your child’s placement in their classes.  Children are not to enter the water without their Instructor’s permission.

Watching Classes
Your child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on site at all times.  We invite you to view your child’s progress from our viewing platform.  We ask that once your child is in the water that you remain off the pool deck. You may like this opportunity to peruse the daily newspapers provided with our compliments!

Water Quality
Gould Swim Academy is committed to maintaining the highest standard of hygiene.  Water quality is of the utmost importance and we take extra special care to ensure our water is of the highest quality.  The water temperature is consistently maintained at 32°-33°.  Besides chlorination we also use a UV Filter to keep the water healthy.  Pool water quality checks are done four times a day for correct chlorine and PH levels. Parents have peace of mind knowing their child is swimming in the healthiest conditions.

What do I need to bring

Infant Programs:Preschool & School Age Programs:Squad Programs:
Warm clothes for after lessonCap (Compulsory)Cap (Compulsory)
No floaties or vestsNo floaties or flippersFlippers
Aqua nappies only (if not toilet trained)Aqua nappies only (if not toilet trained)Drink
Parent to wear large T-shirt over swimmers

Children under 3 years whom are not toilet trained must wear aqua nappies or disposable swim nappies.  If these are not worn then the child will not be allowed to enter the water.
Please note that caps are compulsory for children over 3 years.  This assists to maintain a healthier pool as less hair is lost in the water and the filters can work more efficiently.  It also aids the children, both boys and girls, to concentrate better by keeping hair out of their faces.

‘Swimming’ to a new level
At Gould Swim Academy the programs include a particular set of skills, drills and exercises to be achieved.  These activities must be performed with confidence and competence before a child may advance to the next level. The skills and exercises in each level lead onto the more advanced skills and drills in the next level.  The competent progression through each level allows each child to develop as best as they can and with confidence.
We have frequent assessment weeks where all children are assessed.  Outside of assessment weeks, the instructor may assess a child if they feel they are ready to progress to the next level.  We recognise that children are individuals and develop at slightly different ages and stages.  The instructors are happy to discuss the progress of your child following their lesson.
At the completion of each level your child will be presented with a Certificate of Achievement.

It is policy that children/adults/instructors will not be allowed to enter the pool if they are suffering from any of the below stated illnesses. The recovery times are suggested to maintain the healthiest environment for all of our swimmers and to also ensure the child’s recovery before resuming physical activity.  Children do not perform at their best when ill and will not enjoy their lessons.

What If My Child Is Sick?
Colds/Flu: Until symptoms clear
Vomiting: 48 hours after bout is over
Diarrhoea: 48 hours after bout is over
Measles: Until 7 days after rash appears
Chicken Pox: Until 7 days after last lesion has healed
Whooping Cough: Until 4 weeks after bout
Mumps: Until 14 days after symptoms appear
School Sores: Until lesions have fully healed
Ring Worm: Until treatment is successful
Conjunctivitis: Until clear
Laryngitis: Until clear

We ask that you consider not only the health of your child but the health of all other swimmers.  Please be considerate and follow the guidelines as we would prefer the decision be yours rather than one that we have to impose.

Make-Up Lessons
The Gould Swim Academy will strongly adhere to the following policy.  Please read carefully.
In the unfortunate event that your child will be unable to attend a lesson, we MUST be notified of the absence.  The following rules apply:

Notice must be given to the Administration staff or a message left on the answering machine at least two (2) hours prior to the lesson.  If notice is received as such then a Make-Up lesson shall be granted.

# A Make-Up lesson shall only be given when notice of absence is given 2 hours prior to the lesson.
# No Make-Up lesson shall be granted if notice of absence is given during or after the missed lesson.
# All Make-Up lessons must be taken within the term.  They are not transferable to the following term.
# We cannot guarantee the same instructor and the day and time shall be determined by availability.
# If you miss your Make-Up lesson then the lesson is forfeited.
# Make-Up lessons cannot be used as credits for the next term.

Extended Absence
If you wish to take an extended break of two weeks or more and keep your lesson bookings then we require a Holding fee of $7 per lesson.  Failure to notify us of your absence and payment of the Holding Fee will result in the cancellation of your lesson bookings.
Please bear in mind that the Gould Swim Academy follows NSW School terms thus all lessons have a break during the school holidays.
You may request to be placed on the Waiting List for a particular term of the year, so that we may contact you when arranging that term’s lessons. Re-enrolment is based on the availability of classes.
If you have been absent for two weeks without notifying the Administration staff, we shall endeavour to contact you.  If we are unable to contact you then your lesson bookings shall be cancelled.
Should you wish to enrol your child with Gould Swim Academy following cancellation of your lesson bookings then the Joining fee must be paid.

Permanent Cancellations
Customers must notify the Administration Staff of their intention to cancel all lesson bookings and give a minimum of 2 weeks notice.  All lessons will cease on the nominated date.

More Useful Information

  • We offer holiday intensive swim programs.
  • We offer times for rehabilitation and gentle exercise.
  • Reusable Aqua Nappies and Disposable Swim Nappies are available for purchase.
  • Gould Swim Academy Swim Caps are available for purchase.
  • Car parking is available at the rear of the premises.
  • We offer a ‘Tadpoles Playroom’ for children (not supervised).
  • We offer a viewing deck for parents and carers.

In line with Privacy Legislation, no photography is allowed on the premises without permission from Staff.